UNN Batch ‘B’ 2023 NYSC Mobilization Process

UNN Batch ‘B’ 2023 NYSC Mobilization Process


  • The University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) is readying for the 2023 Batch ‘B’ NYSC mobilization. The university advises prospective corps members to check their details for accuracy on the approved Senate list, including their names and graduation dates. Any errors must be reported for immediate rectification to the Deputy Registrar or Careers & Students’ Services Unit before May 30th, 2023.


Reviewing the Approved Senate List

This strategic move comes with a directive for all potential Corps members whose names are included in the newly approved Senate list. All such individuals are urged to meticulously cross-check this list for possible errors in their names, graduation dates, and other particulars.

Moreover, the university has issued a reminder for outstanding students who have previously experienced issues with their Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) registration numbers and were, therefore, unable to register in previous NYSC batches. These students are required to forward their details, including a statement of result and JAMB admission letter, to the Careers & Students’ Services Unit, Office of the Registrar, or the provided email address.

Those who have already completed this procedure are also advised to review the attached list to verify the correctness of their names, graduation dates, and other specifics.


Importance of Accurate Information

The University is emphasizing the need for accuracy in these details due to a policy enforced by the NYSC. Specifically, the NYSC will prohibit registration in their orientation camp for any individual whose details on the NYSC portal do not match those on their Statement of Result. This includes any discrepancies in names or graduation dates.

For this reason, potential corps members are being strongly advised to ensure that all details are accurately represented on the portal.

Reporting Errors for Immediate Correction

The UNN has created a mechanism to correct any errors, omissions, or other issues found during the review process. Reports should be directed to the Careers & Students’ Services Unit for immediate rectification before the final list is uploaded to the NYSC portal.

In addition, these reports can be sent via email to the Deputy Registrar at careers.registry@unn.edu.ng.

Deadline for Corrections

The university has set a deadline for receiving reports of any errors. All such reports must be received not later than Tuesday, May 30th, 2023. This will allow ample time for corrections to be made before the list is finalized and uploaded to the NYSC portal














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