LASU Belated Graduating Clearance Process for External Students

LASU Belated Graduating Clearance Process for External Students


  • Lagos State University (LASU) has simplified the belated graduating clearance process for its external system students. Starting with payment procedures and verification, the process includes uploading transaction receipts and checking verification status. Finally, depending on whether they are undergraduate or postgraduate, students proceed to the relevant clearance portal to finalize the process. This step-by-step guide is designed to help students navigate through each stage with ease.


tep 1: Visit the Evidence of Payment Verification Page

Kick off the process by visiting the Evidence of Payment Verification page on the LASU website. You can access this page at This page contains the approved payment procedure you need to follow.

Step 2: Make the Clearance Fee Payment

After familiarizing yourself with the payment procedure, go ahead to make the payment of the clearance fee. Upon successful payment, you will receive a transaction receipt in PDF format. Ensure to save this receipt as it serves as your evidence of payment.

Step 3: Upload Evidence of Payment

After successful payment, navigate back to the Evidence of Payment Verification page (as described in Step 1). On this page, you will find an option to upload your transaction receipt. Along with the receipt, you will need to input the payment transaction ID or Reference ID, a valid and accessible email address, and other required details.

After filling in these details, click the “upload receipt” button. This action will upload your payment details to the system. It’s essential to note that students are liable for their actions if the uploaded payment transaction details are found to be inauthentic.

Step 4: Await Payment Verification

Once you’ve successfully uploaded your payment details, the system will verify your payment. On successful verification, you will receive an email notification at the email address you provided in Step 3.

Step 5: Track Payment Verification Status

To stay informed about your payment verification status, you can use the “Check Verification Status” link found on the Evidence of Payment Verification page. To use this feature, input your matriculation number and surname, and then click the “check” button. The system will then display the verification status of your uploaded evidence.

Step 6: Proceed to the Clearance Portal

After your payment has been verified and confirmed as authentic, proceed to the main clearance portal to initiate the clearance process. The portal you visit will depend on whether you’re an undergraduate or postgraduate student.

  • Undergraduate Students: Visit and follow the steps provided on the homepage to complete your clearance.
  • Postgraduate Students: Visit and follow the steps provided on the homepage to complete your clearance.













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